Your MECH Certification or Senior Certification is valid for five years from your test date. The technical training you pursue to keep up to date in your career will also qualify you to renew your MECH certification for another five years, without having to retest.

Recertification Requirements

You must document a minimum of 6 hours per 12-month period of continuing education, using the MECH Recertification form at the right. The form has five pages; use one page for each 12 month period of your certification, and have your supervisor sign each one.

At least a month before your certification expires, submit your forms and required payment. The MECH Recertification Panel will review your documentation, and extend your certification another five years if your documentation passes the requirements. If your first recertification submission is denied, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit. The filing fee is required for each submission, and is not refundable. Read instructions and look over your forms to make sure all rules are followed before sending.

You are responsible for your own recertification. If you fail to submit your recertification forms before your expiration date, your certification will expire and you will need to pass the MECH Certification test to regain certification. If you are having difficulty or feel that you may miss your expiration date, please contact MECH immediately to be granted a one-month extension. If you have any questions about the forms or what is required, contact MECH.

To Qualify for Recertification:

Submit five forms, one for each 12 month period since your certification.
Example: if expiration date is June 15, 2020; training years are as follows:
July 2015 — June 2016 (Form 1)
July 2016 — June 2017 (Form 2)
July 2017 — June 2018 (Form 3)
July 2018 — June 2019 (Form 4)
July 2019 — June 2020 (Form 5)

Download the most up-to-date form. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similiar software) to type info and take advantage of built-in auto-fill features. All fields are required. Digital signatures accepted.

List only training that is acceptable for recertification, see below for details.

Provide clear descriptions of all training and spell out all acronyms. Provide content list for webinars, seminars or conferences attended — state association events are not automatically accepted. Include additional documentation if needed.

Titles that look the same in successive years will be considered duplicate or recurring training and not counted toward recertification — provide clear descriptions to show that training was advancing and not repeating.

Count actual hours spent in training, not CEUs or other credits.

Training Guidelines

Training that qualifies for recertification:

  • Training of a technical nature that upgrades your overall knowledge
  • Advanced software or other tool training that expands your skills
  • Vendor-sponsored classroom or hands-on instruction
  • Online training, if presented in a classroom style
  • Seminars or conference sessions on technical topics presented by your state or regional healthcare engineering society (must include complete description of topics learned)
  • Informal group or one-on-one instruction, including training you lead or present to others

Training that does not qualify for recertification:

  • Safety, work place or employee training
  • Security, diversity or awareness training
  • Software or tool training that is proprietary or basic user; such as CMMS (computerized maintenance management system)
  • Seminars or conferences on safety or management topics, including opening sessions or keynotes, even if presented by a healthcare engineering society
  • Regulatory compliance or codes presented for facility managers or CHFM, or constituting more than 1/3 of total training in any given year
  • Training under 50 minutes duration
  • Training titles provided without content description
  • Self-directed learning

Training presented by a vendor or equipment manufacturer can be beneficial when it advances your technical knowledge. Such training does not need to be a formal session with a certificate of completion, informal learning that advances your knowledge of equipment or systems can count provided your supervisor can attest that you received that training. Even online research you did on your own can count if you presented what you learned to others.

If listing seminars or conferences presented by your state or regional healthcare engineering society: you must include a complete description of the topic(s). Not all seminars, webinars or conferences are acceptable for MECH recertification. See guidelines above.

Work with your supervisor, your facility’s training or education manager, or your human resources department to pursue education that enhances your technical skills and qualifies toward recertification.

To apply for recertification submit the form below and pay the $60 filing fee.

For best results, download the PDF and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Mail forms with your check to the address on the instruction page of the PDF, or pay with your credit card by clicking below.

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