Structured Interview Manual

The Structured Interview systematically evaluates candidates, identifying the qualification level of each candidate to provide comprehensive documentation of the hiring process. This book has been discontinued.

Supervisor's Implementation Guide

Developed for managers of healthcare mechanics, the Supervisor's Implementation Guide provides information and tools to get the most value out of the MECH program for your team.

The Implementation Guide contains:

  • Detailed information about the MECH Certification Test.
  • Training guides and sample two-year programs to prepare maintenance mechanics for certification, either in your facility or by working with educational institutions.
  • Suggested study resources.
  • Test-taking techniques and strategies for combating test anxiety.
  • A complete practice test with answer sheet and scoring key to prepare your team for STEP or MECH Certification testing.

Build a better maintenance team and use MECH evaluation and certification to your best advantage with the Supervisor's Implementation Guide.

MECH Certification and Senior MECH Certification

MECH Certification is awarded to mechanics with at least two years of experience in patient care facilities who pass the MECH test. Senior MECH Certification is awarded to healthcare mechanics with four or more years of experience who pass the MECH test at or above the required score. Both are valid for five years from the test date and can be renewed by following the Recertification process.

The MECH test is a multiple-choice written exam with a two-hour time limit. The test covers the following categories of healthcare maintenance work:

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • General Maintenance
  • HVAC/R Systems
  • Power Plant/Boiler
  • Safety and Support Services

Those with specialized skills in a particular category are advised to work toward expanding their knowledge base before testing. All test candidates receive the Test Preparation Workbook with their application, which includes a skills checklist and practice test to help them prepare.

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