Thank you for considering serving as a MECH Proctor.

Who can Proctor?

To make the certification process easy for mechanics and their facilities, MECH operates on-site testing. The test is administered by an employee of a department other than maintenance who has been authorized by MECH as a proctor.

To serve as a MECH Proctor, the person must be a "disinterested third party" to both the test content and the test candidates — MECH Proctors cannot be friends, family, or close associates of those they are administering the test to.

Those who will serve as proctors only for the STEP Test, which does not confer certfication, may be employees of the maintenance department but should not be direct supervisors of the examinee(s). Click here for more information about the STEP Test.

Responsibilities of a MECH Proctor

Proctors serve as liaisons between MECH and their facility. You will work with the mechanics, their supervisor(s), and the MECH National Coordinator. It is your responsibility to handle communication concerning MECH certification testing and get approval for test dates. Please refer to the Proctor Guide for instructions.

The role of the proctor is very important. The validity of the certification for the mechanics in your facility rests on your ability to follow all directions precisely. Always contact MECH immediately if you are unsure of any policy or requirement. We try to make the job as easy as possible!

Becoming a Proctor

Potential certification proctors must read and understand the current Proctor Guide before submitting their affidavit to MECH. Click the link on the right to download the PDF Proctor Guide. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with any changes in policy; always download the latest Proctor Guide before administering a test.

By signing your affidavit, you swear that you understand your responsibilities as stated and will carry them out faithfully. Since you will work as a MECH certification proctor in the midst of your normal job duties, your supervisor must sign your affidavit. Handling sensitive test materials places your facility at risk; an administrator, such as President or Vice President, must agree to this liability with their signature as well. A notary public is required to assure the validity of all signatures.

Follow the submission instructions on the affidavit form. Your affidavit is valid for one year; you may submit affidavits each year or only as needed.

Those who will serve as STEP Test proctors only must read the STEP Test Instruction Sheet and submit the STEP Test Proctor Affidavit. STEP Test proctors do not need to read the Proctor Guide.

Setting a MECH Test Date

Refer to the Proctor Guide for requirements before setting a test date. All test dates must be approved by the MECH National Coordinator at least 40 business days (8 weeks) in advance. Once a test date is approved, candidates can be added or removed from the test roster up to 20 business days (4 weeks) in advance.

The buttons below can help identify a date 40 business days from a given day. Please note: These buttons do not schedule test dates. Please refer to the Proctor Guide for instructions.

Click this button to calculate earliest test date
Click this button to test your selected date

Required Downloads for Certification Proctors:

Download and print the following before administering the MECH test:

Answer sheets are provided with test booklets; Proctors may print replacement answer sheets as needed.

STEP Test Only: Proctors for STEP Tests must read the STEP Test Instruction Sheet and submit the STEP Test Proctor Affidavit. MECH Certification Proctors do not need to submit the STEP Test Proctor Affidavit. Please refer to page 9 in the Proctor Guide.

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