Before You Begin

If you have two years of experience working in healthcare maintenance, you can take the test and be MECH Certified. If you have four or more years of experience, and you achieve the required score on the test, you can be Senior MECH Certified. Your application requires your current supervisor’s signature, attesting that you have the required years of experience working in healthcare institutions.

The test covers seven categories of healthcare maintenance work: Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, General Maintenance, HVAC/R Systems, Power Plant/Boiler, and Safety and Support Services. Successful test candidates will have a broad range of skills in all categories.

The Test Process

The MECH test is available to mechanics in the facility where they work, using an employee of a department other than maintenance to administer the test as a proctor. You or your supervisor will need to find a potential proctor, and have that person contact MECH.

Sometimes facilities or healthcare engineering associations offer the test on a pre-arranged date. If you will be joining such a test event, follow the event rules for submitting your application and payment by the announced deadline. Be sure to fill test information in on your application, to be added to that test roster.

Your paid application includes the MECH Test Preparation Workbook, designed to help you prepare and practice for the test. You can choose to receive the Workbook either as a PDF download or as a printed booklet mailed to your home address.

Once your application and payment has been received, and you have an authorized proctor set up at your facility, your proctor will work with you to set up a test date. New test dates must be requested by authorized proctors, and approved by MECH, at least 40 business days (8 weeks) in advance. Use this time between application and testing to use your Test Prep Workbook, which includes more information about what to expect and what to do on test day.

After the Test

Your proctor will submit your test materials, including any scratch paper you used, to the scoring center. You will receive your individualized score report by email in approximately 30 days. Your score report will show your exact score by section, and state and national average scores. Your proctor or supervisor can also request a report of pass or fail for each test candidate.

If you achieve MECH Certification or Senior MECH, a certificate packet will be mailed to your home address. Your certification is valid for five years, and can be renewed by documenting your ongoing training. Click the "Recertification" tab above to learn more.

If you do not achieve your desired certification on your first try, don’t give up! Give yourself at least 6 months to work on your skills, then apply again when you feel ready.

To get certified, download and fill out the application form. All fields are required.

To pay via check, submit your application form by email; include a copy of the application with mailed check.

To pay via credit card, submit your application form by email; click below to complete payment.

To pay for multiple test fees in one transaction, do not use the "Pay Now" button below. Instead, email applications and request single invoice with online payment option.

MECH Certification Test
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